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Design Consultation

$175 USD


  • Questionnaire
  • 2 Hour Design Consultation

Our Design Consultation is an in house, up to two hours, service that offers guidance to those currently working on a project or seeking prep help for a larger scale project. This is the perfect opportunity to brainstorm, one on one, with a professional before making any costly financial commitments. This time is entirely customized to suit you and your greatest design needs.

  • Prepare some "Inspiration Images" to review with Courtney during your consultation to help define your design style and vision for the space. Pinterest is a great tool!

  • Gather all parties involved in this design project (spouse/partner, roommate, family, children, etc.) and have a conversation about your level of investment for this project BEFORE Courtney arrives. If you don't know 100%, that's okay. It's best to discuss how much time, energy and money you think you'd like to invest into this project so that Courtney can determine which design service would be best for you.

  • Get excited! We are about to make your design dreams come true! Hearth + Home Interiors has an incredible team that can execute your design dreams from start to finish - we are one step closer to making your design dreams come true and THAT is something to get EXCITED about!